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Last Updated: September 19, 2022, 17:33 IST
Today we look at Microsoft’s new security update for Windows, Zoom’s plans to rival Gmail and more
Welcome to Top tech news and today we look at the new security update from Microsoft that is critical and to be installed by all Windows users. Also, Zoom has plans to compete with Gmail and more.
Zoom is going to call its mailing client Zmail (zero points for creativity), and even have a Calendar app called Zcal. Zoom is expected to make the product announcement at its annual Zoomtopia conference which is likely to take place in November this year.
Zoom had a big push during the pandemic when work from home meetings and virtual sessions became the need of the hour. The likes of Microsoft, Google, and even WhatsApp to some extent tried to push the level, but Zoom saw massive uptick, because of its readiness and ease of use.
Now, the video conferencing platform is willing to challenge a behemoth like Gmail which has billions of users across the globe, and across different devices, which even includes those using the Apple iPad, iPhone or even the MacBook.
Microsoft has issued a new security update which looks to fix a big security loophole in Windows, which includes the older non-supported versions as well. The security patch for Windows goes way back to Windows 7 which suggests the issue is critical and affects millions of PCs around the world.
The vulnerability, according to Microsoft, if exploited can allow the attacker to access system privileges of your PC, which is a big problem.
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