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Last Updated: August 27, 2022, 17:29 IST
Top tech news August 27, 2022.
Keeping a track of all the news that is taking place around us is a very tedious task, and people often lose track of everything that goes around them, especially in the tech world, where there is always a lot happening. Not to worry, we are here to bring you the top tech news every day. In today’s edition, we will talk about Podcasts on Twitter, Netflix’s new ad-based subscription plan, and a handy trick to make your web browsing experience better.
Twitter has brought podcasts on its platform. The podcasts have been launched as part of a new Twitter Spaces update that brings a new tab that offers users a more personalised listening experience that includes both podcasts and Spaces. Twitter, in its release, said that podcasts on the platform will include the most “popular and engaging” podcasts from around the world. The company has said that 45 percent of its users in the US listen to podcasts monthly, so the platform will suggest podcasts to help them easily find and listen to the topics they want to know more about.

So Netflix last month announced its new ad-based cheaper subscription plan, that the company is working on in partnership with Microsoft. A report in Bloomberg has now sugggested what the prices of the Ad-based Netflix subscription could be. According to the report, the ad-based netflix subscription could cost between $7 to $9, which is approximately 550 and 720 rs, respectively. Now, this still seems expensive, at least from the Indian POV, since the cheapest plan in India is Rs 149 for the mobile-only plan. The Basic subscription in india costs Rs 199, the Standard plan costs Rs 499, and the Premium plan costs Rs 649. Given these prices, it is unlikely that the price in India will be similar to the rumoured 7 to 9 dollar cost.
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