The PS5 is getting a price increase and Netflix revealed the director of the BioShock movie.
Happy Thursday, gamers! It's been a hell of a day for video game news and this roundup is about to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. We'll start things off on a high note though, as Netflix has announced the director and scriptwriter behind its upcoming BioShock movie adaptation.
However, Sony had some disappointing news for those still trying to get their hands on a PS5 as it's decided to hike the price in select territories. It's not all bad though, as FromSoftware announced that the online servers for Dark Souls 3 have been restored. Told you it was a rollercoaster.
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We'll start off with the BioShock news first, as it's been announced that I Am Legend and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence will be at the helm of Netflix's movie adaptation. We also learned that Michael Green will be writing the script, whose previous work includes Logan, Blade Runner: 2049, and American Gods. No more info was announced, but that's a fair bit of talent already on board.
While some are still struggling to get their hands on a PS5, PlayStation has decided to increase the console's price in select territories. SIE CEO Jim Ryan announced the news earlier today, explaining that the price of PS5s in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia will be increased by £30, CAD $20, and AUS $50 respectively. Other countries seeing price hikes include China, Mexica, the whole of Europe, and even Japan.
The servers for all three Dark Souls games have been offline ever since a security issue was discovered in Dark Souls way back in January. However, fans can now finally jump back into some good old-fashioned Dark Souls 3 PvP, as developer FromSoftware has announced the security issue has been fixed. FromSoft is now working on bringing back servers for both Dark Souls 2 and Remastered.
Back to Netflix now, as BioShock wasn't the only video game adaptation in the news today. Netflix also announced that Steve Blackman, producer and showrunner of The Umbrella Academy, will develop the company's upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn TV show adaptation. We don't know much else about the show, but it's nice to know that someone Netflix is familiar with has control of the reins.
Finally, we have some even more disappointing news regarding Batgirl, as it's being reported that Warner Bros. plans to have a "funeral screening" of the movie behind closed doors before it's locked inside of a vault forever. The screening is apparently being held for those who helped in the development of the movie and will not be shown in cinemas or on HBO Max.
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