Free Affiliate Marketing Training Courses Worth Taking
The editors at Solutions Review have compiled the following list to spotlight some of the best free affiliate marketing training courses marketers should consider taking on the Acadium learning platform.
SR Finds 106Marketing professionals are essential to any company’s success. However, as markets and best practices change, aspiring marketers must consistently maintain and expand their skills. One of the relatively newer trends in the industry is affiliate marketing, which involves recruiting a third party to help promote or sell a product. Affiliate marketing has become a reliable pillar for many companies, so marketers must equip themselves with the insights and best practices they need to develop and maintain successful affiliate marketing strategies.
With that in mind, the Solutions Review editors have compiled a list of the top-rated free affiliate marketing training courses on the Acadium learning platform that marketers of all experience levels should enroll in to improve or expand their skills. Acadium is a digital marketing platform that provides free marketing courses, real-world marketing tasks to help marketers build their portfolios, and unpaid apprenticeship programs. All of their offerings are fully remote and offer flexible schedules for learners to utilize.
The courses listed below cover everything you should know about affiliate marketing, the public relations skills you’ll need to develop an affiliate marketing program, and other subjects related to affiliate marketing, including paid advertising and influencer marketing. Check them out below!
Description: Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for businesses to reach wider audiences, develop relationships with other brands in the industry, and start generating revenue via mutually beneficial partnerships. In this seven-lesson course, marketers will learn about affiliate marketing fundamentals around terminology,  requirements, regulatory laws, types of programs, the process involved in launching an affiliate program, and more.
Description: Instead of working with another brand, like affiliate marketing, influencer marketing is built around aligning a company brand with a specific influencer or group of influencers. These programs can help a company improve its ability to engage with its target audiences and get meaningful results in less time. Influencer marketing can be tricky, though, which is where this course can help. Marketers will learn about selecting the best influencers for their projects, measuring ROI, developing an influencer marketing strategy, using the best tools, and maintaining successful campaigns.
Description: Marketers who enroll in this training course will learn how to develop, target, maintain, and customize paid advertising campaigns to get the highest ROI possible. Some of the specific topics and advertising tools covered in the course’s twenty-three lessons include Google ads, Facebook Business Manager, landing pages, LinkedIn ads, Microsoft Advertising, Twitter ads, how to research an audience, calls to action (CTAs), Facebook ads, tracking codes, and more.
Description: This introductory course will help marketers of all experience levels develop or fine-tune their understanding of public relations’ role in modern marketing strategies. Students will learn about the value a PR campaign can offer, the types of campaigns a company can utilize, what terminology is worth knowing, and become comfortable with best practices around developing and measuring various types of media pitches that can grow a brand’s exposure and credibility.

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