With the launch of the “Live” in August 2015, Facebook officially jumped into the streaming bandwagon. Initially, this feature was only limited to influencers and public figures. But, as the media world evolved, anyone with a Facebook account can go live with their friends.
Facebook Live allows you to live broadcast video and audio to interact with your friends and followers in real-time. You can invite your peers to the live stream and interact with them. If you’re a professional, live streaming comes in handy to grow and engage with your audience. 
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After the 2015, Facebook live has gone through so many updates but, the core mechanics remains the same. The company always preaches for it’s easy to navigate UI design. So, going live on Facebook too isn’t that hard.
After you end your live stream, you have the option to either share your live stream on your Facebook feed or delete it. You can choose either option as you see fit.
Similar to the mobile version, after you end the video, you have the option to either share your live stream on your Facebook feed or delete it. Select the option as per your preference.
You can also go live on a specific Facebook group. If you are the admin of the group, you can directly go live. But, if you are a member, you may need the group’s moderator’s approval to live stream.
Similarly, if you are live streaming on your PC, follow the steps mentioned above.
Note: When you can’t see the Live icon or stream live on a group, it means the group admin has disabled that feature for the group members.
If you are a gamer and want to create live streams of your games, you have to first download a third-party streaming app or software like Open Broadcaster Software or Streamlabs OBS.
With this software, you can share your computer screen and also use other tools and equipment. 
Then, create a Gaming Creator Page. If you create this page, you can easily stream your gaming videos and grow your followers. For this, you can either convert an existing page into a gaming page or you can create a new one. 
Alternatively, if you already own a Facebook page, you can convert the existing page into a Gaming Page. Here’re the steps to do it:
Do not share this key to prevent others from accessing your stream. 
Many well-known streamers use a variety of tools and equipment to perform live streams with excellent video quality. If you are thinking of streaming to gain popularity or earn money, then buying some of the essential equipment can be a good investment. 
So, let’s look at some of the essential equipment/tools you can use to improve your live stream. 

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