A wave of platforms are hoping to take social media in a new direction, mixing community and wellbeing with revamped funding models. 
Social media
“We exist because social media is broken,” explains founder and CEO of WeAre8, Sue Fennessy. The social media and advertising platform, backed by the likes of Channel 4 and former Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand, has made it its mission to switch up social for brands and users.
Fennessy was originally the co-founder of Standard Media Index, which built systems that were used by big media agencies to track ad spend. In her former role, she saw the amount of money going into platforms like Facebook, noting little pay off for the advertisers themselves.

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Our marketing columnist examines the underwhelming response of the major social media brands to the TikTok threat and explores the perils of competitor orientation.
From debates over transparency and moderation, to what he really means by “freedom of speech”, what does the Tesla CEO’s Twitter takeover mean for brands? 
Our marketing columnist stayed up late in Tasmania and put his headset on for the Facebook Connect VR conference. But he came away unimpressed with the branding revelations that followed.
The Co-operative Bank sees its customer-led standpoint on issues such as the environment and human rights as what makes it different from other banks.
While the gap is getting smaller, research shows there are still some major gaps between consumers’ media consumption and what the industry thinks is happening, underlining the need for market orientation.
Responses to the Queen’s death show marketers think brands have a place in consumers’ lives. You’ll be more effective if you recognise their insignificance.
The grocer hopes by adopting a “more confident” tone of voice it can dial up its appeal among consumers looking for quality products amid the cost of living crunch.
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