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Pay has increased across the board over the last several years, but the rising tide is lifting some ships more than others.
September 20, 2022 at 02:05 PM
7 minute read
Law Firm Marketing and Business Development
A study by ALM Intelligence on the compensation of marketing and business development professionals in the legal profession found that salaries and bonuses for first-chair directors and C-suite personnel have soared over the last several years, but that the increases favored males and widened the pay gap between men and women in those roles. 
The 2022 Marketing and Business Development Compensation Survey, which examined data from 2021 and was conducted in the first quarter of 2022, showed that women make up more than three-quarters of the marketing and BD professionals at law firms, but that they overwhelmingly receive a smaller share of revenue per lawyer (RPL) than their male counterparts. 

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