Have you ever deleted an app, but couldn’t recall its name? Well, you can check the history of all the deleted apps on your iPhone and Android device, although you might have deleted the app a long ago.  
There’s an easy way to keep track of deleted apps with the help of your device’s default store and download it again anytime unless the app is removed from the store.
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It is possible to see the deleted apps on both iOS and Android by checking from the respective store. It shows a list of all the downloaded apps. However, if you have previously downloaded many apps, it may take a while to find the one you are looking for. 
With that being said, you can still access all your deleted apps. Also, you can download those apps from there easily. Now, let’s see how you can find your deleted apps on iOS and Android. 
If you are an iPhone user, you can find the deleted apps from your App Store in just a few steps. Here are the steps for it. 
Play Store is the default and official apps downloading platform for most Android. So, if you are an android user, you can easily check the deleted apps by going to the Play Store.     
Although Play Store is the default platform, you can still download the apps from your Galaxy Store only if you are a Samsung phone user. Suppose you have downloaded the app from the Galaxy Store and deleted the app. You need to go to the Galaxy Store to see it. 
Samsung users can download the official Samsung apps from their respective stores because some are not available on the Play Store. 
You can recover the deleted app on your phone anytime by simply re-installing it from your respective store. However, you may be unable to see some apps again if they fail to meet the store policy or security risk. 
No, uninstalling an app doesn’t delete its data. However, it depends upon the conditions. For example, if you download the Facebook app and delete it, your data won’t be deleted because all the data is saved on the Facebook server.
On the other hand, if you delete an offline game, the data will be wiped out because the data is saved locally on your device.
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