When you take a screenshot on your Snapchat, you get a message ‘You took a screenshot!‘ And at the same time, the sender also gets notified. What if I tell you that there are few methods to take screenshots, without letting the sender have the slightest clue? 
In this article, we have done all the hard work and compiled the techniques that will overlook Snap Inc.’s Privacy Policy and let you take screenshots while the sender remains unaware.
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There are various methods under your display that you may fail to recognize unless someone sheds light on them. You can use the inbuilt screen recorder tool. Likewise, using Google Assistant is another efficient method.
Below is the step-by-step guide to help you get through several methods to progress through the activity we are talking about.
It’s worth noting that many Android phones have been rolling out the screen recorder tool. Using this tool, you can record Snapchat snaps and stories, and the other person won’t have any knowledge of it.
The screen recorder feature is available from Android 11 onwards. But, depending on the manufacturing company, the feature may be lacking even on some Android 11 devices.
Here’s how you can use the screen recorder tool to capture Snapchat without them knowing.
Another efficient method you can try is to use Voice Command on your device. The method applies to Android users. You can use the voice command and take screenshots of Snaps without letting the sender get any hint about it.
All you have to do is open the Snap you intend to capture and say, “Hey Google, take a screenshot.” Or, you can activate Google Assistant by holding the home button or home icon until it appears on the screen.
The only hindrance to using this method is you can’t save the screenshots locally. So, right after the screenshot is taken, you need to send it to Email or other platforms.
In case the Google Assistant doesn’t show up, check out the steps below to turn it on.
You can also take the help of the QuickTime Player on Mac to take a screenshot of Snapchat without them knowing. The method is applicable to iPhone users only. First, you need to plug the iPhone into your Mac using the USB cable to perform the activity. After that, you can follow the steps below.
You can check out the Apple support page for more details on taking screenshots.
Just like QuickTime Player, Android users can cast their phone’s screen on a TV or laptop. Using this method, you can capture Snapchat without sending out a notification to the sender. You can check out the steps below to cast and take a screenshot of Snapchat on your laptop.
This method is useful for capturing snaps without letting the sender know about them. You also need an additional phone to take photos of the snap on your phone. Also, the quality will be compromised in the process.
Alternatively, you can download third-party applications if you find these methods too hectic. Snapsaver, AZ Screen Recorder, and Screenshot Capture are some apps enabling you to take screenshots. Besides these, there are other apps that you can search and try on your phone.
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