Whether you want to start a video call right away or schedule it for a later date in advance, Google Meet allows both options.
To schedule a Google Meet meeting ahead of time, you can use the calendar. It allows you to specify the exact date and time of the meeting that will happen in the future. Also, you can choose to repeat the schedule daily, weekly, or any other time you specify.
So, without further ado, let’s get right into the article to learn how you can use Google Meet to schedule a meeting.
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Even though there are various ways to start a meeting, you can schedule it only with Google Calendar.
Luckily, Google Calendar is available on multiple platforms. For example, you can use the app itself, on Gmail, or from a browser.
You can directly use Google Calendar to schedule a Google Meet meeting on both desktop and mobile devices. However, you must be signed in to your Google account before using it.
Also, you need to download the Calendar app if you are using a mobile device.
While there isn’t a desktop app separately made for Google Meet, you can use its web app on the browser.
Alternatively, you could also install the Progressive Web App (PWA) for Google Meet if you are using the Chrome browser. For this,
In the case of mobile devices, you have the “Meet” app to schedule a google meet meeting.
On Gmail, you don’t only get to access all your emails but also access Google Meet and use the calendar to schedule your meeting.
Likewise, you have Google Meet already integrated into your Gmail app for mobile devices.
To use the Google Calendar on Gmail (Desktop web app) and then schedule a meeting on Google Meeting,
Along with the host, 100 people can join the meeting on Google Meet for an hour, which is available with the free google account. You can subscribe to Google Workspace or the G-suite for more features and duration.
Once you add their emails to the guest list on Google Calendar, they will receive the meeting link on their Gmail inbox/calendar. From there, they can click the link and join the meeting whenever it takes place.
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