It’s no secret that Google tracks most of the activities on our Android phones. Google refuses to use the term ‘Tracking’ and says that it data collection policy helps improve Google services.
As a part of its policy, Google keeps a record of web searches you have run, websites you have visited, and apps you have opened up. Just be assured that Google keeps a close eye on almost every little activity.
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Here are some points that you should understand before deleting your activity.
There are no restrictions from Google to delete the users’ activity. You can easily delete the activity using the Google app, mobile browser, etc. Make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection while using it.  
You can find Google in your settings. Or, if you didn’t find it, you can download the app and Open it. Google’s activity settings can be accessed from your device settings or the app because it has similar steps. 
When you choose your activities to delete automatically, it will remove them in the selected months. Now let’s see how you can delete it from the device settings. 
If you didn’t find Google on your device’s settings or you don’t have enough space to download the Google app. You won’t need to worry because you can access it from your mobile browser. Accessing Google activity from the browser has a similar interface and steps as you do on an app.     
You can also manually delete your activity from the same settings. Manually deleting can give you more choice because you can select which data you don’t want anymore. It might be a better option for some users who don’t want their data to be automatically deleted. Here’s how you can do it.  
Before you delete the activity or your data, it’s important to make a backup. Because once it is deleted, you might be unable to retrieve it again. Therefore, you should back up the important data that you may need in the future. Here’s how to make a backup. 
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