Bookmarking is an easy way to instantly access your favorite web pages. When you bookmark a particular website, it opens the site from the exact bookmarked page. It not just saves time but also gives a smooth browsing experience. 
Adding a Bookmark on an iPad is easy using the browser. You can bookmark the frequently visited websites on your browser. Not just that, you can also add the web page shortcut on your iPad’s home screen.
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Here the ways to bookmark your favorite page on different browsers.
Safari is a go-to browser for most Apple users as it’s a built-in and default browser on Apple devices. So if you use Safari for internet browsing, here’s how you can bookmark on Safari browser.    
Once you save the bookmark page, you can easily access it from the safari app. You can find your Bookmarks on Safari Home Screen or in the Bookmark section. Here’s how to see the saved webpage on Safari. 
Google Chrome is another popular browser among iPad users. So, if you are one of its users, here’s how you can Bookmark it.     
If you want to bookmark the web pages on Mozilla Firefox, you can do it effortlessly. Here are the steps.
Adding Bookmarks on Microsoft Edge is as easy as you do for other browsers. If you are confused about how you can save the web page on edge, follow the below steps. 
Brave is one of the fastest growing browsers on mobile/tablet platforms. If you use brave and want to create a bookmark, follow the below instructions.
Sometimes, it’s inconvenient to go into Safari and look for Bookmarks. There’s an easier way to access the page. For that, you can add the Bookmark page on your device’s Home Screen. It works as a shortcut and appears on your Homescreen.
Bookmarking on Safari helps to sync it to your other Apple devices. That means you won’t need to rely on an iPad to access it next time. However, you must sync your Safari to iCloud from your device settings.  
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