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EU regulation requires drivers in trucks, vans, buses and cars to have legal speed limit always displayed
At this year’s IAA Transportation Conference, HERE Technologies, the world’s leading location data and technology platform, is proud to announce the company’s work with commercial vehicle makers on the implementation of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology to help increase road safety and reduce speeding under the European Union’s (EU) new regulation.
An onboard ISA feature indicates the road’s legal speed limit to drivers in direct line of sight. The information is shown on the vehicle’s dashboard cluster, navigation system or through an after-market device.
Since July 2022, it is mandatory to have an ISA feature onboard all new model cars, vans, trucks and buses sold in the EU market. All newly registered vehicles in the EU will be required to have an ISA feature starting July 2024.
HERE is working alongside its solution partners to support commercial and passenger vehicle makers’ ISA compliance by delivering high-quality speed limit information that covers all EU roads.
The HERE ISA Map has been adopted by 15 global automakers, representing more than 30 brands, among them are European and global commercial truck industry leaders.
“ISA features have historically been found in premium passenger vehicle systems, and within too few commercial applications,” said Giovanni Lanfranchi, Chief Product and Technology Officer at HERE. “We’re proud to deliver and validate this critical dataset as European nations focus on immediate steps to improve road safety, while paving the way for future deployments of ADAS and automated vehicle technologies.”
Truck and car manufacturers must pass an ISA vehicle test prior to sale, with a 90% accuracy in speed limit data over a 400 km driving distance. The requirement is a minimum of three different explicit signs and three implicit, unposted signs.
European roads have the challenge of non-explicit speed limits and a patchwork of local speed limits, rules and regulations across countries. More than 60% of speed limits are implicit in Europe, with limits based on local road rules but not displayed on signage.
ISA content from HERE manages the non-posted speed limit challenge by delivering speed limit information based on a combination of data sources. Reliance on vehicle camera data alone, for example, is prone to quality challenges without a base map and validated mapping system.
The HERE ISA Map contains:
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