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AlphabetThe parent company of Google has suffered a major blow after the continent’s second-biggest court upholded the European Union’s Record Antitrust Fine of $4.1 Billon against Google On Wednesday. Google He was allegedly responsible for placing strategic restrictions. Android Phone makers must ensure that the search engine is used only by its users The The EU verdict was almost immediately followed in the same way by another. South KoreaIn this state, lawmakers have imposed combined fines totaling $71 million Alphabet And Meta For privacy violations. Probes Shown Google collected user data, and tracked their use of the website.

As Google Other Big Tech Globally, giants are under increasing pressure because of their monopolistic and stifling practices across multiple fronts. India too seems to be gearing up to address the technology firms’ said anti-trust and monopolistic behaviour. Cookie Seems like things are falling apart Google It is losing one battle after another in various parts of the globe.

In IndiaA collection of actions taken in ‘works’ CCI and MEITY are also leading to possible scenarios of unrestricted nonaccountability Big Tech regulators and their anti-trust behavior in dealing with Indian The news media will be challenged. It It may be noted, however, that India It has always sought to ensure that tech giants are accountable to the laws of the country and do not violate netizens’ rights. The parliamentary committee is also deliberating about various issues relating to the Big Tech Monopolies. These Multiple reversals can be a factor in these efforts AlphabetThe owner of search engine behemoth, GoogleThis week, he was confronted in EuropeAnd, of course, the United States. South Korea.

As per reports, Rajeev ChandrasekharThe Minister This is State For Electronics & IT ( MEITY), is spearheading India’s role and response in the global antitrust drive. He It has worked hard to ensure that social media platforms are more transparent in their operations, and most importantly, adhere to regulations. India’s rules and regulations in the larger interest of netizens. Brainstorming over tougher rules, regulating the internet’s misuse via bots and algorithms, chalking out India’s first-ever upcoming quarterly audit report on social media companies’ compliance efforts – Chandrasekhar As he works to make the internet more accessible and safer for everyone, he has many tasks.
The Competition Committee This is India (CCI), antitrust watchdog, under the Government This is India The petition against is being considered. Google Submitted by DNPA Digital News Publishers Association () is seeking a fair share of the advertising revenue generated by Google on its digital platforms for news publishers. These Leading media organizations India They have come together under the aegis DNPA to make a pitch to be called upon Big Tech Such giants include Google To be more open with their domestic news providers and to make revenue sharing more transparent.

In The US has seen a flurry of developments over the past few days that aimed to shake up Google. 13 powerful companies called upon the US Congress Proposed project to be approved Bill That can greatly reduce the power of Google Other tech stalwarts. SeparatelyThe US Department This is Justice A federal judge was notified and accused. Google Monopolistic behavior. If This motion is escalated to a trial. Google If found guilty, large telecom companies could lose huge earnings. That’s because disclosures showed Google The alleged payoff is Samsung, AppleIt is backed by other telecom giants and billions of dollars to secure the exclusive dominance of its search engine.
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