#VijayDeverakonda is a self made star and hardworker don’t do these type of trends ….. Let him grow bigger .. If… https://t.co/LX1zsvJyE1
#BoycottLigerMovie these idiots think they can break #VijayDeverakonda He was a superstar before you bhakhts knew a… https://t.co/Nq4NpQgj6E
Vijay Deverakonda Has No Background Like Sushant Singh Rajput.. Please Support This Guy Dear Bollywood Audience.. D… https://t.co/Ln7XBrxrfB
Literally people will find some way to gaslight and hate on one of the most unproblematic actors, Vijay Deverakonda. #BoycottLigerMovie
Vijay Deverkonda blackmails Indians for families of film making crew. Indians have taken contract to look after the… https://t.co/01Z9vi9jbz
vijay devarakonda is brand if u boycott him then ur boycotting a commoner he is more than what you guys think so ge… https://t.co/ule9yLewDq
#BoycottLigerMovie #VijayDeverakonda is a self made star and hardworker don’t do these type of trends ….. Let hi… https://t.co/ly6YOEv6FF
Big cats return 70 years after extinction. PM Modi says economy growing at faster pace along with rapid expansion of forest cover.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India should work toward reducing logistics cost as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP).
Increase in private consumption and higher capacity utilisation in the current year has reinvigorated the investment cycle, the finance ministry said, counting positives as it highlighted a relatively bright outlook on India’s economic growth. Inflationary pressures appear to be on the decline and the country has a strong external account, it said in the Monthly Economic Review for August released on Saturday.
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