Boxing is in a strange spot. It’s a Schrödinger’s cat of the sports world, in that it’s both impossibly popular and less relevant than ever. Through years of meddling and mismanagement, the organizations that “run” boxing caused the sport to hemorrhage interest. With a glut of belts clogging each weight division, it’s become impossible for fans to know who really is the world champion without extensive research. In addition to that, unlike the UFC, which consistently matches up the best fighters in their prime, boxing stars are routinely shielded from intriguing fights to preserve their win/loss records and, by extension, their “star power.”
However, boxing is finally getting some mainstream attention thanks to YouTuber super fights. Celebrities like Jake Paul and KSI sell more pay-per-views than most “real boxers” could ever imagine. As a result, boxing purists have become quite vocal in voicing their displeasure toward YouTube boxers, but there’s a strong argument that this new crop of celebrity boxers is great for the sport. In the video linked above, TJlovesfights’ YouTube channel—ironically enough—explains why allowing YouTubers to box isn’t a bad idea after all. 
“Can a commodified and centralized subculture remain an outlet for the weird and uncanny?” This provocative question concludes the introductory paragraph to the special section on Skateboarding in Vol 4 no. 2, of Portable Gray, published in the Fall 2021. Portable Gray, edited by Zachary Cahill and published by the University of Chicago Press, is… READ THE REST
Check out this video of Kristina Makushenko—world champion in synchronized swimming turned social media star—performing an underwater upside-down moonwalk. She’s on TikTok as “Aqua Queen on heels,” and describes herself as an “underwater dancer.” She shares videos and content on both TikTok and Instagram, and it’s really quite captivating. It’s amazing what she is able… READ THE REST
At last week’s European Athletics Championships in Munich, Swedish triple-jumper Jesper Hellstrom missed on his run-up and the result is comedy gold. His grin on the way down makes the moment all the better. “I thought quite immediately afterwards, ‘I wonder if there will be any funny pictures from this,'” Hellstrom said. READ THE REST
Everyone knows the awful feeling; you have an important thought, but you don’t have anywhere to jot it down, and before you know it the thought is gone. For those of us without a photographic memory, it’s vital to be able to record our thoughts so they aren’t lost forever. If you’re someone who is sick of… READ THE REST
You may have hopped around and landed many jobs in your career. And while your tasks at these various gigs may have been different, you likely used Microsoft’s slew of apps and programs to get them done. After all, the Microsoft Office suite contains some of the most widely used in the professional sphere. But if you’re still not super… READ THE REST
We think everyone can unanimously agree that, while nature can be absolutely stunning, there’s danger afoot everywhere you walk. That’s not to say you’re primed for becoming a tasty bear snack every time you step out of your front door (unless you’re a mountain person, in which case — yikes!), but emergencies happen.  When all goes south,… READ THE REST
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